Christie Panayiotou

My name is Christie Panayiotou. I am a Personal Fitness Coach

Christie Panayiotou holds a degree in physical and sports science from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki granted in 1999. She is a professional fitness manager with specialty in fitness, group fitness-les mills instructor, pilates, stott pilates, power plate, and a personal trainer. Christie is a holder of a black belt , 3 dan in Tae Kwon Do and 1 dan in Judo. She won the national championship in both sports, and she has been a member of the Cyprus national team.

I understand that each individual has specific objectives not only in their fitness goals, but also in the time and budget they wish to dedicate to a fitness plan. That’s why I offer a number of different program options.

Early Stages

During her studies, she took extra courses in Greek Aerobic & Training
Fitness school to enhance her knowledge in fitness sector- focusing in
personal and group training. After earning her degree, she worked at the
fitness center of Hilton Cyprus, and in 2002, she was the founder of Il
Sportivo Health Club in Nicosia.

Career Start

In 2012, she was the co-founder of another personal studio named Absolut
Pilates & Fitness Studio, one of the largest personal training studios
in Cyprus focusing on Pilates. Christie has been in contract with Nike
on behalf of both gyms for 10 years. She was also a regular contributor
for a number of websites such as fitness line under Sigmalive and
must.com.cy [1]. At the same time, she presented fitness tips on various
TV shows like madinaction on MadTV Cyprus, and “Allazo” on TVOne.

Press Relationships

Christie Panayiotou is a also a Press Relationship Manager on behalf of  Pancyprian Association of Science Graduates in Physical Education. Since 2017, she and Elpida Tsitsifa, the founder of North Academy of Fitness, have partnered on fitness-related endeavors.

My Experience

Years of Health Coaching Experience
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