Personal Training

With over  15 years of private training experience, I can help you:

  • Get back into shape after a long break, injury or child birth
  • Reduce body fat and create lean body mass
  • Improve core strength, (which helps firm and flatten the belly) plus reduce lower back pain
  • Rehab from many spine injuries & conditions, improve balance & agility, prevent injury
  • Make a total lifestyle change and create long-lasting healthy habits
  • Motivate and inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age!
  • Exercise before and after pregnancy

Group Fitness

I specialize in:

Pilates reformer /v2max/ group classes

Functional training for small groups

Boot Camps / Metabolic Conditioning / Interval Training (HIIT, Tabata, etc.)

Core/Low Back strengthening

Testimonial Group / User Group Training for rapid weight loss

Online Training